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I make precuts. Precuts, as in cutting images to a specific shape or size before being assembled or used. I make my precuts of horses, for people who make horse graphics, or for anyone who decides to use them.

My rules are simple but need to be followed.

1. Credit me. If you are using this offsite, credit me ON the image.
2. Post your finished image on Deviant Art and give me the link so I can see it.
3. No stealing my precuts, obviously. They are ALL of my images and own actual horses.
4. Tell me when you use them. I'd like to know.
5. No using them for images that deal with child abuse or horse slaughter.

If you have horse stock images on Deviant Art, I would love to make some precuts of them. Just let me know if I can, and what specific images. I will follow all of your rules. ;)

Thanks for reading, hope you like my precuts.

- HorsePrecuts
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March 8, 2011


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